Zombie Catchers + (much money) Free For Android 1.21.2

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Zombie Catchers is an adventure game in a world permeated by the invading zombies! The planet Earth is teeming with the undead, but we are lucky: A.J. and Bud, two intergalactic businessmen, decided to open a store in our home world! Together they plan to catch all the zombies and once again secure the Earth, at the same time receiving a decent profit …



  • Track down the zombies with your faithful harpoon gun and dexterous traps!
  • Create delicious juices, chocolates and cuisines from your zombies and sell them to hungry customers!
  • Send your army of drones around the world to find amazing zombies to catch!
  • Seduce special zombie bosses and catch them with a harpoon from your flying ship!
  • Manage and develop your own underground laboratory!
  • Perform fun daily tasks to get amazing rewards!

[app title=”Zombie Catchers + (much money) Free For Android” url=”https://bit.ly/340swKs” vs=”1.21.2″]

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