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Free Download Gonzales – Speed up WordPress 2.2 Nulled. This is a  WordPress Premium Plugin. The latest version is 2.2 and was last updated in 2020. Nulled Gonzales – Speed up WordPress 2.2 Free Download Crack.

Download Free Gonzales – Speed up WordPress Nulled Premium Plugin

Faster WordPress – conditionally disable plugins, CSS and JavaScript files if you don’t need them


I created separated article about common problems and you should definitely read it now. In big shortcut answer to this question is: by conditional resources (assets/plugins) loading. Goal is to:

minimize number of assets (CSS/JS) (faster rendering, reduced CPU/GPU usage on end device)

decrease document loading time (minimized TTFB timings, reduced CPU & RAM usage on server)

Gonzales allows to conditionally load CSS, JS and even plugins depending on page you visit. It’s simple and lightweight tool which allows to get rid of useless CSS and JS files registered by themes and plugins.

This WordPress plugin do not remove files from server – it’s safe speeding up tool. If you accidentally break website appearance you can disable plugin and website will present old, unoptimized version. Btw: it’s good approach to compare before/after timings

You can read detailed Gonzales documentation explaining how to speed up WordPress in theory or take a look at App Shah’s review to understand how it works in real life (Crunchify website case, v.2.0.x used):


Record below shows result of WordPress optimization. On the left side Gonzales optimized website, and on right non-optimized. Below you can find seconds after sending request to server. Record is slowed down. Remember it’s only example and you can achieve much better results!


Gonzales is not another clone of WordPress performance plugin. So what’s the difference between this and other optimization tools? It truly gets rid of problem by excluding JS/CSS from HTML code while other speed up plugins mask problem only – they use compression/merging method to minimize website size. In fact such a website still loads useless files which affect website performance. If you conditionally disable plugins you will definitely see difference in document loading time, especially when requests cannot be cached.

Gonzales uses brand new way of WordPress optimization method which other plugins do not use. I don’t want you to uninstall other awesome tools like Cache Enabler, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache or WP Rocket – Gonzales works with them symbiotically and you don’t need to configure anything! Nice way to speed up WordPress, huh?


Well, you should. Even thought timings to all resources are the same you still forces people users to download the same large CSS/JS files. Once you use Gonzales website will be delivered faster to browser even with HTTP2. To verify if you use HTTP1.1 or HTTP2 use HTTP2 testerpowered by KeyCDN team.


Just play video below Warning. Following movie presents installation and configuration of Gonzales 1.x with different user interface. I’m preparing new video and it should be available soon. Meanwhile see how to speed up your WordPress website. Rewind to 11:21 to see before/after optimization effects.

View Demo Gonzales - Speed up WordPress Nulled

Note: You can Free Download Gonzales - Speed up WordPress Nulled Nulled form the download links below. We share files under the terms of GPL (GNU General Public License) that provides premium themes, plugins & php scripts for testing purpose only. We promote WordPress and bloggers web design and scripts to the users globally so that you can check it before buying any theme/plugin/script from the original developer/designer. If the item fulfill your requirements and you’re satisfied with it then buy it from the developer tomasz-dobrzynski for commercial use. We don’t host any of the files, this site only contains download links from 3rd party sites by individual users which are freely available on all over the Internet.

Download Gonzales - Speed up WordPress Nulled Nulled

File name: Gonzales - Speed up WordPress Nulled
Version: v2.2
License: GPL
Developer: tomasz-dobrzynski
Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ocusJjGOrj1Nsn1CwG5DbuZqdNhS3sFP/view?usp=sharing

The upcoming version will be updated on this page. So stay tuned.

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