Crafting Idle Clicker + (Mod Money) Free For Android 4.3.1

Free Download Crafting Idle Clicker + (Mod Money) Free For Android. Nulled Crafting Idle Clicker + (Mod Money) Free For Android Free Download Cracked.

Crafting Idle Clicker is an endless “tapa simulator” with an advanced and extensive crafting system. Gamers in the game will play the role of a blacksmith, an artisan who is able to create almost any useful object from the Middle Ages. Each final product will require a large amount of raw materials, as well as several intermediate steps with the addition of other simple or not elements. And before the players get full armor, seven pots will come down.


★ Mine and mining resources. Handicraft semi-finished products and goods.

★ Invest in further updates, new products or research.

★ Perform missions to get permanent prestigious rewards.

★ Automatically sell your products and upgrade your craft units.

★ Unlock over 500 achievements and climb 100 levels.

★ Update and develop drawings! Increase your income to get bonuses.

★ Collect new drawings to unlock them in your workshop.

★ Organize your workshop the way you want.

★ Participate in regular seminars with unique content and awards.

★ Create a giant production line with more than 100 items.

[app title=”Crafting Idle Clicker + (Mod Money) Free For Android” url=”” vs=”4.3.1″]

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