Country flag 1.5

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Country flag

Shows a country flag in the message user info block.

(Example of country flag)

(Example of Privacy page)

(Example of Options page)

(Example of User group permissions)


  • Privacy option allows members to not show their country flag.
  • All phrases start with countryflag_ for your convenience.

Setup step 1:

Create a /misc/ directory in your web root.

Setup step 2:

Copy the flags directory from the add-on folder to the /misc/ directory.


Setup step 3:

Get your Ipstack API key using this link:

Setup step 4:

Update the Options page with your Ipstack key.

Setup step 5:

Give User group permissions to view the country flag:

Registered = Yes

Unregistered / Unconfirmed = Yes

Setup step 6:

Run the Cron entry for the Country flag manually, this is only required upon initial setup. The Cron entry will run run once a day at 12:00AM UTC.

Database modifications:

This add-on will create two columns in your xf_user table:



Questions and Answers:

Q: When I hover the flag with my mouse, the filename is displayed in English, can I phrase this to show the filename in another language?

A: No.

Q: What does the ‘Last activity days’ in the options page do?

A: This value is used when the Cron entry runs.

Q: When does the Cron entry run?

A: It runs once a day at 12:00AM UTC time.

Q: When the Cron entry runs, which members will have their country looked up?

A: Only new members which have an empty andy_country_flag_name field.

Q: Is there an option to make the add-on opt-in instead of opt-out?

A: No. Opt-in does not work, member will not take the time to opt-in.

Q: Is there a way I can update all the members country flags?

A: Yes. You can add the following to your forum URL: countryflag/updateall

The next time the Cron entry runs it will update all your members country flags. Keep in mind inactive members will not be updated, this is a setting in the options page.

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